33. Letní filmová škola Uherské Hradiště 2008
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    Programs and cycles, which are focused on compact presentation of several genres, types and themes of educative conceived programs, will be one separate priority of this year's Summer Film School.

    Cooperating with academic institutions and authorities (historians, archivists and explorers) we are preparing varied supporting program, which should create natural informative and discussion context.

    Film and Magic

    One part of the program will be the introduction of various ways to realize the relationship between film and magic.

    Magic does not stand here just for magic formulas; magic means multiple ways to transcendent reality, but also its abuse by occultism, religion, fanaticism and policy. Materialize of human fantasy about superphysical system will be presented in the supporting program.

    Black magic, occultism, trials with witches, magic in films, magic realism in film.
    This thematic cycle will present very different production, which deal with magical rituals in former times and in different civilizations. The Summer Film school is also making place to interpret film as a magic medium.

    A lot of retrospectives are also connected with this theme. These put the finishing touches to the activity by chosen directors, producers, who makes the value of magic in film.

    Invited guests:  Juraj Jakubisko, Jan Švankmajer, Julio Medem, Veit Helmer

    Retrospective: Juraj Jakubisko

    Cooperating with Slovak Film Institute we will introduce the retrospective of magic production of Juraj Jakubisko, who is a pioneer of ,,adult age’’ of Slovak films, and has been concerned with profiling Slovak cinematography. You will be able to see (among others) his earl production–films, made in times when he was a student at FAMU, now on 35 mm film strip.

    Retrospective will be supplied by films of Jakubisko’s earl production (Zbehovia a pútnici, Vtáčkovia, siroty a blázni), international coproduction (Dovidenia v pekle, priatelia, Tisícročná včela, Pehavý Max a strašidlá), after-revolution Nejasná zpráva o konci sveta  and most expected film Báthory, which busts the myth about bloodthirsty countess.
    Apart from full-length films, we will present Jakubisko’s less known production–documentary: Korytári, Čekají na Godota, his curios propagandistic films from 1970s and his Ad-production from 1990s.

    Invited guests: Juraj Jakubisko, Deana Horváthová (film-maker, actress)

    Magic as alchemy: Jan Švankmajer

    In connection with the theme-relationship between film and magic, we have decided to attend to production of Jan Švankmajer, Czech director, designer and ,,program-surrealist’’.
    We will present older short films of this outstanding producer (Otranský zámek, Jídlo, Zahrada, Tma, světlo, tma, Možnosti dialogu, Zánik domu Usherů) as well as his worldknown  full-length production, which is peculiar combination of film alchemy and actualization of traditional Czech surrealism, animation and European literature (J. W. Goethe, Markýz de Sade, Lewis Caroll).

    One part of Švankmajer’s retrospective will be a rare exhibition of graphic object and installations, not unfrequently used in films. The Exhibition called SALAMANDR shows production of Jan and Eva Švankmajer, and will be allowable in Slovácké Museum till 14.9.2008.

    Invited guests: Jan Švankmajer, Bedřich Glaser (film designer), Jan Kalista (film maker), Peter Hames (British film scientist, engaged in Jan Švankmajer and Czech film).

    Retrospective: Julio Medem

    One of present important representative of Magic Realism in Film, Spanish director Julio Medem, is to be given his own separate film retrospective. Julio Medem is one of Spanish directors, who were presented in Czech cinemas and on TV-channels. However, his interesting production has been presented hardly ever, or not at all, lately.

    Czech audience was impressed by family annals ,,Vacas–Cows’’(1992) and by films La Ardilla roja–The Red Squirrel (1993), Tierra–Land (1996), Los Amantes del Círculo Polar–The Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998), and Lucía y el sexo–Sex and Lucia (2001).

    Julio Medem will inaugurate his whole production: full-length films and short films (by himself), including his last film Chaótica Ana (2007).

    Invited guests: Julio Medem

    Alejandro Jodorowsky, mystic and guru

    After release of two mystic films, made by Alejandro Jodorowsky, into Czech distribution (the Holy Mountain–in projekt 100/2008, El Topo–the Mole), the whole retrospective of Jodorowsky will be presented at the Summer Film school this year.

    Jodorowsky’s production involves eight full-length films, which derive benefit from religious symbology, surrealistic provocation and artist’s uncompromising attitude to the world. By the way, Jodorowsky was sharing this attitude with his college, a guest of Summer Film school in 2006, Fernando Arrabal.

    This will be the first time, when the audience gets the chance to become acquainted with Jodorowsky’s complete filmography. We are proceeding the conditions of Jodorowsky’s attendance at the Summer Film school.

    Possibilities of Dialog: Israel/Palestine

    Film production has been on the increase in the Near East (including Israel and Palestine) in last ten years. This year’s Summer Film school is particularly focusing on films, which deal with longstanding conflict and possibilities of pacification of both nations, any more than problems of unconciliatory cultures-Jewish and Arabian. We will introduce the important directors from both areas, who are engaged in the long-standing battle and think of these delicate problems.

    Besides to films, which have been released into Czech distribution, documentary films will be presented.

    Invited guests: Michel Khleifi director– Cesta 181, Amos Gitai (director – Kadosh, Kedma, 11‘09’01), Rashid Masharawi (director – Čekání), Areen Omari (actress - Lístek do Jeruzaléma), Marek Čejka (expert at Near East problems).

    Music and Silent Film

    Following the set of ,,eventual‘‘ projections of silent films in the Summer Film school program in passed few years, accompanied by musical performance, we want to deal with up-to-date (musical) interpretation of particular film pieces. Musical accompaniment is a part of thoroughly followed concept of revitalization of famous silent films, which needed music to get accompanied in times when film was started out.

    Addressed musicians and music bands can prepare their performance–we are not talking about immediate improvisations. The program has been focused on theme Magic and its relationship to German expressionistic film (Golem, Upír Nosferatu, Faust, Unavená smrt).

    Invited guests and bands: DVA, Vladimír Václavek, Petr Kružík (Priessnitz), Georgi Bagdasarov, Sunflower Caravan, etc.

    Present Czech and Slovak Film

    I has already became a tradition, that our Summer Film school presents Czech and Slovak films, created in the last one school year. This year we will present dramaturgic selection of feature films (Venkovský učitel, Václav, Kuličky), documentary films (Občan Havel, Durban Poison, René), experimental films and films made at Czech film schools.

    Overwriting the Past (years 1948 and 1968 as described during normalization)

    In new regular Summer Film school cycle Overwriting the past we would like to focus on Czechoslovakia films from recent past (namely the Normalization, which revalued very important event in years 1938, 1948, 1968). The cycle Overwriting the Past should provoke the discussion in society and make people not forget about tendentious films and the way they relate to factual historic events. By watching films, like e.g. Dny zrady Otakara Vávry, Tobě hrana zvonit nebude, Tam, kde hnízdí čápi, cases of Major Zeman (Hon na lišku, Štvanice, Studna) we are coming back to crucial years of Czech history, interpreted by contemporary ,,national artists’’.

    Barriers and Perspective

    ,,Inevitable eights’’, to be concrete the year 1968, didn’t force only local newsmen, artists and authors to react, but had very serious impact on foreign artists. Cooperating with Czech National Film Archive and Czech Television we will let you see other opinions of important events of Prague Spring and Soviet occupation and apart from Soviet propagandistic diaries, we will show you balanced films, made by Czech emigrants, and films with its own emigration destiny.

    Pavel Kohout (and film)

    Pavel Kohout, author, screenwriter and director, will be one of most important guest at this year’s Summer Film school. Pavel Kohout, who will have celebrated his 80.birthday this summer, made lot of screenplays for socialistic films; some of them based on his dramas (Zítra se bude tančit všude, Taková láska). In 1960s, Pavel Kohout directed two author films: Sedm zabitých, Svatba s podmínkou.

    Inconsistent Pavel Kohout is written in the Czech history of literature, theater and film. His novel Nápady Svaté Kláry was the motive for Israel movie-makers to make a very original adaptation Svatá Klára. Cooperating with Větrné mlýny (publishing house) and festival ,,Měsíc autorského čtení’’, composite book Pavel Kohout (and film) will be published.

    Invited guests: Pavel Kohout, (author, director and playwriter), Petr Minařík (general editor of publishing house Větrné Mlýny).

    Film Critique Panorama

    Summer Film School should offer the option to orient in film history and present production (not only) of nearby countries. That is why we have decided to ask film makers of the Visegrad group, to prepare select of not limited films. This select should be up-to-date and should make our neighbors film production easier to take in. Scientific texts, published in partnership periodicals, should be part of the Film Critique Panorama.

    Film actively!

    Educative conceived effect of Summer Film school, focused namely on high school students, will be increased by cycle of lectures, seminaries and workshops, which should widen scholarly access to film history and to artistic and producing part. Opening course lasts for whole Summer Film school and is attached by projections of films, which are related to other program cycles of the Summer Film school. This course is one part of the new concept and evolution of the project of film and medial education Film and school.
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